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Roman Glass

The History of Roman Glass

Origins of Roman Glass

Glass has been in existence for over 3500 years, then it was rare and expensive, reserved for the wealthy and considered as precious as gold as referenced in the bible. During the Roman Empire, raw glass was manufactured in furnaces throughout Israel as early as the first century BCE. Israel was a major producer of glass and were know for its high quality. At this time, glass was extremely desirable, the raw glass was exported to workshops across the Roman Empire.

Origins of Glass Blowing

Fast forward 1500 years and the technique of glass blowing was developed, the earliest evidence was also discovered in Israel. Various vessels in numerous locations, throughout the region have been discovered, solidifying Israel as a major producer of Roman Glass. The development of glass blowing had a substantial impact on the accessibility and design of glass vessels, ultimately allowing glassware to become a household item. 

Remnants of past lives

The shards of Roman Glass used in our collection, which you can view here have been resting in the earth for nearly 2000 years. Each piece is part of a life that existed so many years ago, holding memories and stories of entire generations. Countless lives lived and lost and these delicate shards of Roman Glass remain as an intrinsic part of their history, a tangible memory of millenniums of people and families. 

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