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GIL YUDA Collection

Gil Yuda is an accomplished silversmith, with almost 10 years of experience, his work speaks for itself; showcasing his creative and unique visions. He draws inspiration from the world around, offering an uncommon, yet familiar feel to his designs. Gil is a artist at heart, a slice of his soul is in every piece he creates, only adding to the individuality of his work.

Gil works with many types of stones and various other mediums, however a large majority of his collection is creations with 2000 year old Roman Glass. Gil uses a silversmithing technique called lost wax casting, just as the name indicates, every design is created in wax first, then turned into the extraordinary finished product you see. He learned this technique from skilled silversmiths in Israel, his native country. Although born in and lived the majority of his life in Israel, he now resides in Canada, continuing the lost art here. We’re sure lucky to have him!

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