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adorn, verb


I. To provide or decorate with ornaments.

Trans - To provide with an ornament or ornaments; to decorate or embellish (with something).

II. To enhance in the manner of an ornament.

Trans - To be an ornament to; to serve to beautify or embellish.

Just like the definition of our name, our story is a simple one; we strive to design and create beautiful adornments to enhance and embellish the world around us! We come from humble beginnings with genuine intentions to beautify and adorn the already special and remarkable individuals in this world. We love to create using uncommon elements and unique materials inspired by the extraordinary people and places that we have met and travelled to in our lives. As a testament to this, we collaborate with Israeli silversmith Gil Yuda who creates one-of-a-kind handmade sterling silver adornments unlike anything you have ever seen. Utilizing an ancient technique of lost-wax casting, combined with the inclusion of extremely rare minerals like Roman Glass, Gil has created some truly exceptional and outstanding pieces of memorable jewelry. Dive into our world and get Adorned!

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